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The Bar Vocational Course (BVC) (that was changed to BPTC that is Bar Professional Training course) on the date of September 2011 is the most paramount law courses that should be followed by all barristers of today. Basically the duration of it is one year and the aimed is adorned upcoming barristers with very intellectual and paramount knowledge with skill that begin with pupilage in the finalized stage of training. The barrister purpose is the improvement of skills in required areas like wise advocacy, legal research based case study and preparation, consultation and conferencing .Course is taken by law degree holder or graduates in diploma in law (GDL) students.

The practical attitude of legal research are significant and required to improved by all barristers.BVC/BPTC based legal research is the training stage for their full acknowledgement of the factual, systematic, or procedural legal issues in a case. That why the course is focused, concerned to research in law in the face of case law criterea.It is similar like live lecture taken having online training with explanatory assignments .

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