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The main aspects of clearing BPC/BPTC assessments are to create compile skeleton argument, along with oral discussion. As we know the skeleton argument is the brief explanation of case that the council plans to argue, usually a bulleted list including the step that council plans to take, the authority that supports the argument, and citation of the authority. The skeleton argument is an ideal part of competitions, or it is a practice session again a case in form of presentation. Since skeleton argument should be well prepared and perfectly delivered, the impact and features of BVC/BPTC can possibly be used for practicing of skills inside the courtroom along with development of habits of complete preparation.

A well- designed skeleton argument is actually the renowned barrister first opportunity to show convincing argument in front of judge, or show his or her argument in a nut-shell to the BVC/BPTC assessment. It is similar like strong sentences to the hard new article, we can say it is summary that give the opposing party and judge the glimpse of what actually they are dealing with .Through excellent skeleton argument give impact inside judge mind that will helpful in closing argument. Although, if let suppose skeleton argument is very weak or badly delivered, it can become reason of failure before student have chance to present full arguments.

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