Conference or Interview Preparation Service

Often as part of your LPC you will have to interview a client in a mock conference where the lay client is played by an actor. You will usually have very basic details prior to the conference and are expected to:

  • Get all the relevant information out of the lay client so that you have full instructions
  • Advise the client on the potential cause(s) of action/claim(s)/defence(s)
  • Advise the client on the merits of the case
  • Advise the client on next steps

What we can do to help you with this is:

  • Prepare notes on what you might want to ask the lay client and anticipate possible or probable answers and lines of questioning so you are fully prepared for the interview.
  • Prepare potential advice depending on the instructions that you have been provided with in advance of the conference.

Whilst we’re unable to guarantee the results of your conference or interview we can provide you with all of the information you need to succeed so that you can feel confident when you walk into your assessment. All you need to do is provide all of the information you have been provided with and detail exactly what you want from your LPC qualified writer, and we will do the rest.

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