Negotiation Preparation Service

One of the key skills as a lawyer is negotiation. Very often, you will be faced with a situation where resolving the issue amicably between the parties is best for all involved. You need to get the best possible outcome for your client whilst at the same time finding a solution that the other party will accept. This is a fine balancing act and our negotiation preparation service is well placed to help you to learn the important skills involved in a good negotiation.

The key points to a good negotiation are understanding the relative strengths and weaknesses of your case and what your client and the other party want to achieve.

Our negotiation preparation service provides you with a comprehensive assessment of the case you are working on. Once you know how likely it is that you would win at trial, you know the strength you will have in negotiations. You also need to know what the likely remedy or award would be at trial if successful in order to negotiate for a realistic outcome. Our negotiation preparation service can help you to understand the likely legal outcome so that you can be a successful negotiator.

In any negotiation, there will be certain outcomes that your client must achieve and others that they will not concede. It is important to be aware of these when entering into a negotiation and that is where our negotiation service is of great value to you. Our negotiation preparation service will guide you to ask the right questions of your client in order to be fully prepared to represent your client’s best interests.

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