Practical Legal Research Service

When placing a practical legal research order, you simply provide us with the scenario that you have been provided as part of your course. A qualified professional will then take the scenario as the requirements for the piece and start the research and writing process.

This is most frequently written in the form of a memorandum to a senior solicitor who has requested your assistance in your provided scenario’s firm. Our practical legal research service provides comprehensive research of an area of law and reports on what the technical legal rules and principles are, as well as what the prospects are for client in the scenario.

We excel in providing practical legal research that is concise, to the point and detailed, using primary sources and professional practitioners’ texts rather than just relying on the academic textbooks frequently used in Undergraduate or Masters level work.

Here at Law Essay, we can also provide you with a research trail as an additional element of your order. The research trail details the research strategy that was employed and includes:

  • Search terms and sources initially checked.
  • Initial findings and why this led to the next stage of research.
  • Details of how one source led onto finding the next.

A research trail is an essential tool in allowing your practical legal research strategy to be validated and, as such, is often an extremely important requirement of practical legal research coursework.

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